Compassionate, Experienced Animal Lovers

Compassionate, Experienced Animal Lovers

Compassionate, Experienced Animal LoversCompassionate, Experienced Animal LoversCompassionate, Experienced Animal Lovers

Frequently Asked Qu


How do I know who will be caring for my pets?

We assign a primary sitter and a backup sitter to every client—these are the sitters you will meet during the initial consultation.  We make every effort possible to always schedule this same sitter.  In the event your primary sitter is unavailable during the requested service dates, your backup pet sitter will fill in.  This backup will be fully informed of your pet’s care and routines through our online software.

Are you insured, bonded and licensed?

We have Care, Custody and Control insurance plus bonding policies through Business Insurers of the Carolinas. We are registered with the state of Minnesota and abide by all Federal and State laws. We belong Pet Sitters International (PSI), and Professional Pet Sitters of Minnesota (PPSMN).  Additionally, we are trained in 3 pet first aid programs (Pet Tech, Pet First Aid 4U, and Pet Health Academy) and have completed PSI's certification program (CPPS).  

Do you offer boarding services?

No. We are not equipped with proper boarding insurance/facility. All cats are cared for in their own home. 

How do I know what’s going on while I’m away?

Every visit is scheduled into our online software program, Time to Pet.  At the completion of each visit, we write notes into your personal account.  These notes (along with photos) are automatically sent right to you.  You'll always be up-to-date on what's happening at home!

How is payment handled?

For recurring services, we email an invoice monthly. For cat sitting services, we email an invoice after the services are completed.  You can pay electronically (a convenient link is included with the invoice) or drop a check in the mail.  

Do you walk dogs if it's raining or snowing?

Yes!  We are always prepared to walk dogs, rain or shine, given your pet tolerates getting a little wet!  We always request you have a towel handy—we dont send soggy doggies running through your house!  As for other weather conditions, our primary concern is your pet’s safety—in extreme heat or cold conditions we may shorten the walks and spend any leftover time offering love and attention indoors. 

What kind of a visit schedule do you typically recommend?

For cats we require a minimum of 1 visit/day.  We do not offer every other day cat visits.  Most clients choose the 15 minute visit.

My pet requires medication. Can you administer it?

We are happy to administer oral pills/liquids, eye drops, ear medication and/or change any wound dressings your pet may have, granted your pet is accustomed to these treatments.  We do not offer any injections (subcutaneous fluids, insulin etc).  If you are unsure if your pet will be receptive to our medication administration, a practice visit may be necessary prior to securing vacation services.

My pet has some behavioral issues. Can you help?

We are not licensed trainers/behaviorists and do not offer behavior modification services.  However, we are more than happy to help reinforce any training or manners you are working on (sit, down, off etc). 

My dog has poor leash manners.  Will you still walk him?

Our contract states that we cannot walk a dog over 30 lbs who lunges or pulls continually on the leash.  We reserve the right to use a no-pull harness (Easy-walk or Freedom) on dogs as needed.  This is a safety concern for our team members and we reserve the right to decline services to strong pullers. 

What happens during the initial consultation?

A lot!  This is where we get a chance to meet one another and, of course, your pets.  Together we review our contract documents. There is a lot of information to cover, but we need to absolutely certain we are both on the same page regarding expectations. This is also where we review care routines, locations of food/treats/pets supplies and learn about unique traits your pet may have.  During this time, your pet will have the opportunity to check us out as well - they learn a lot about us by observation and interaction.  By the end we can determine if we’ll be a good fit for one another.  Plan for this meeting to take roughly 30 minutes. (There is no charge for this consultation)

How do I get started?

You can fill out the form located on our Home page or you can give us a call (952-917-9209).  If you get our voicemail, please list your location, type of service you're interested in (vacation or recurring walks), and the number/type of pets you have.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.